The Mission of The Organization

The Main Directions of The Activities & Geography

 “Partnership and Teaching” /P&T/ NGO is a non-profit organization founded in 2000 with the following mission – education and partnership for the sake of the civil society development.

P&T NGO supports the RA Civil society development progress promoting the Civil Society Organizations, educational organizations and Local Government /LG/ institutional capacity development processes.

P&T NGO is known in Armenia as the leading service providing organization /P&T NGO is providing services since 2003 by means of P&T LTD – founded by itself/, which implemented various projects and provided services during its activities – directed to the educational /management, educational new methods, professional, etc/ and the solution of the community problems, community development strategy developing, as well as acted for the different public groups advocacy.

On 2009 “Partnership and Teaching” NGO was certified by the Counterpart Armenia, which assessed its partner’s institutional capacities’ compliance with the international standards.  The assessment was facilitated by the USAID and Counterpart Armenia professionals, according to the 6 main spheres, which include Organization management and government, financial stability, external relations and quality control, human and material resources management, financial management and grants management. Partnership and Teaching NGO was certified – once more confirming its reputation as a leading and reliable organization working by the international standards.  Since 2010, P&T NGO has been actively acting in the processes of the community development.

 Nowadays, P&T NGO, in the frames of the Civil Society and local government support project being implemented by Counterpart International Armenia, as a partner organization, contentionally and administratively supports the works being implemented in the 14 beneficiary communities of Syuniq and Vayoc dzor regions. In the frames of the project, P&T NGO supports the implementation of the civil initiatives and the community development projects of the beneficiary communities – ensuring close partnership between community working groups, NGOs, LGs and the private sector. P&T NGO promotes the formation and development of the youth groups of the selected communities – promoting their participation in revealing and solution processes of the problems of local importance.  On June, 2010 in the frames of the partnership of P&T NGO and World Vision Sisian ADP “Community Development Support Network” was formed from the 17 NGOs acting in Syuniq region, Sisian and Goris areas.

The goal of the CDSN is to promote the communities development of RA Syuniq region, Sisian and Goris areas – involving all the beneficiary parts in solution of the community problems.

For creating a united informational field for the CDSN member Organizations on September, 2012 web site was made The CDSN activities are being coordinated by “Partnership and Teaching” NGO. In the frames of the CDSN some joint events were implemented, promoting the citizens to participate in the community development processes, which  found a great reaction among the public / civil society day, Invalids International day, LG day, New Year and Christmas in our community, A month, a school, a family, etc./.

Besides the trainings and the consultations P&T NGO provides other services too, as, for example, projects monitoring and assessment, research works, Organization development capacities assessment, Organizing events, organizing and facilitation Community meetings, organizing community mobilization, etc..

As an organization certified by Counterpart on 2009, by various means of the public relations /has its own paper – Kamq +, web page, publishes and distributes annual reports, etc/ ensures the transparency and accountabilty of its activities.